Student Achievement

The number one reason schools exist is to educate students. We have to ensure that students are being given every opportunity available to them for academic success state wide and district by district.

School Finance

Increased funding for per pupil instructional expenditures, teacher salaries and benefits, and funding for early childhood and comprehensive special education programs must be addressed immediately. We are last or nearly last in every one of these categories regionally and nationally.

School Consolidation

Oklahoma currently has over 500 school districts; 200 of which have 350 or less students. School consolidation should be considered on a case by case basis with the goal to maintain local schools with centralization or consolidation of administrative offices.

Brian Kelly  Progressive Education Leadership

Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in my campaign for Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Oklahoma.  The support for my candidacy has been been truly outstanding and I look forward to the challenges of leading the Oklahoma State Department of Education in assisting our state’s public school districts achieve their goals and objectives.

I feel that we have some of the brightest students in the nation and I know we have outstanding instructors statewide.  I have been disappointed with the lack of financial commitment to education in the State of Oklahoma for many years.  We need to increase funding for per-pupil expenditures, teacher salaries, and programs such as early childhood education and all day kindergarten as well as comprehensive special education. These are key issues needing to be addressed immediately in order to ensure that the students in Oklahoma receive not only one of the finest public school educations in the region; but one of the top educations in the nation.  These are the main reasons I have chosen to run as your Superintendent of Public Instruction.

My platform centers on financial reform and school funding.  Student achievement is the number one goal, however, without proper funding we run the risk of literally “short-changing “our students.  The State Department of Education needs to be not only a resource for our state’s school districts, but it also  needs to provide school districts and their employees with a branch of state government that will stand up and fight for their needs during both times of prosperity and during economic down-cycles.

I feel very fortunate to have attended public school in Oklahoma. As a 1982 graduate of Moore High School I can assure you that I received exceptional instruction and guidance from all of my teachers.  We still have the greatest faculty in America.  Now let’s provide them with the necessary tools for meeting the challenges facing education in the twenty-first century.

The task at hand is challenging in restoring faith in Oklahoma’s Public Schools and ensuring that our students receive the best education possible.  If elected, I pledge to work with the Governor, State Legislature, and all of the Administrators and Educators of the State of Oklahoma to ensure that we are producing a more competent and competitive high school graduate, that our schools are funded properly in order to improve student achievement, and that the faculty of our schools are compensated at a level that will prevent voluntary teacher turnover in order to take instructional positions out of the State of Oklahoma merely for monetary gain, and that we will not have to eliminate instructional and support positions due to budgetary difficulties.

Thank you for your interst in our campaign.


Brian S. Kelly